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Survival Food - Monthly Family Package

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June 06, 2022

CHF 1,190.00

a monthly package for 4 people at family price.

Balanced ingredients. 2,000 kcal / day for a person's diet for 30 days.

durable at least for 10 years

The family packages are delivered in four compact , storable cardboard boxes (55x41x23cm , total weight : 80,8kg )


4 x whole milk powder (3.6kg, gives 21.6 liters)
4 x red lentils (5.6kg)
4 x black beans precooked (3.2kg)
4 x chickpeas pre-cooked (3.2kg)
4 x risotto rice (6.4kg)
4 x vegetable mix (1.6kg)
4 x fine crystal sugar (7.2kg)
4 x potato stick, ready to use, (4.8kg, 144 ports.)
4 x spelled flakes (3.6kg)
4 x croissant noodle (3.6kg)
4 x wheat flour (4kg)


In addition:


Vegetable broth, 4 sachets (1.04kg, makes 52 liters, for soup or for salting and seasoning)
Whole egg powder, 4 sachets (0.8kg, equals 60 eggs)
Brown Sauce, vegan, 4 sachets (0.6kg, makes 10 liters of sauce)
12 x 500g NRG-5 bars emergency rations


The monthly package is delivered in a compact, storable cardboard box ( 55x41x23cm ) ( total weight : 20kg )



55 x 41 x 23cm - 4x
total weight 80kg
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