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Survival Food - monthly package

Home Safety   |   Model: FS047-001-OS05


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June 06, 2022

CHF 315.00

The 30 - day box . 51,000 kcal balanced ingredients - for 1 person

Durable at least for 10 years


Whole milk powder, 1 can (900g, gives 7.2 liters)
Red Lentils, 1 Tin (1400g)
Pre-cooked black beans, 1 tin (800g)
Chickpeas pre-cooked, 1 tin (800g)
Vegetable mixture, 1 tin (400g)
Risotto rice, 1 tin (1600g)
Fine crystalline sugar, 1 tin (1800g)
Potato Stick, ready to use, 1 tin (1200g, 36 ports.)
Spelled flakes, 1 tin (900g)
Cockle noodles, 1 tin (900g)
Wheat flour, 1 tin (1000g)
Vegetable broth, 1 sachet (260g, makes 13 liters, for soup or for salting and seasoning)
Whole egg powder, 1 bag (200g, equivalent to 15 eggs)
Brown sauce, vegan, 1 sachet (150g, gives 2.5 liters of sauce)


In addition:


3 x 500g NRG-5 bars


The monthly package is delivered in a compact, storable cardboard box ( 55x41x23cm, total weight : 20,2kg )

55 x 41 x 23cm
total weight 20kg
| 5 out of 5 Stars!

This is honestly absolutely brilliant. I spent a lot of time comparing and this product was my best pick but I realized when I received it that it was even better. The key think that I like about it, compared to other, is that you get a proper meal plan for a months (breakfast, lunch, dinner). It really helps to picture yourself using it and not being stressed out that you end up eating everyday the same thing. Thanks!

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