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Autosock - tire cover on icy and snowy roads

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Autosock …. brings you home

Worried about driving on ice or snow in your car?

AutoSock is a textile tire cover that increases traction on icy and snowy winter roads. AutoSock is very easy and quick to mount and remove – much easier and quicker than any metal snow chain.

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  • perfect temporary winter aid for vehicles

  • reusable and machine washable

  • lightweight  and take up minimal storage space (less than 1kg)

  • in many circumstances work better than winter tires or snow chains

  • approved by TÜV SÜD that certifies the safety and performance of the product as an emergency winter traction aid.

  • certified as a Snow Chain equivalent in more and more countries (France, Italy, Austria)

  • easy and fast to fit and remove, even in cold and difficult weather, fitting them requires no practice

  • comfortable while driving – does not cause noise nor vibrations

  • Self-centering

  • recyclable and environmental friendly

  • usable with alloy rims - even when metal chains are not allowed!

  • Improves electronic safety systems (ABS, ESP).

  • approved by many car manufacturers (BMW Group, VW Group, Peugeot PSA, Citroën, Jaguar, Fiat Group, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Land Rover) 

  • relatively universal (i.e. one size fits over 60% of cars)

General tips:

  1. The usual rules of driving in snow apply, i.e. pull off slowly, stay in as high a gear as possible, "anticipate" even more than normal, avoid hard braking. The speed limit of  50 km/h will seem quite fast enough on snow. It is a maximum speed, not a recommended speed!

  2. On a rear wheel drive car, uphill slope, sheet ice: you need some weight in the boot – it makes all the difference. Don’t just spin the wheels and trash the AutoSock. 

  3. On a hill in really slushy snow: You may drive forward then slip. The AutoSock are sticking to the snow but there isn’t enough strength in the snow to hold the weight of the vehicle. Roll back down a few feet, compressing the snow and driving out the water. Then try again, moving further up the hill than before. Three steps up, two back.

  4. Fundamentally, the more you drive on clear roads / gritted tarmac, the faster they will wear out and the sooner you will need to buy another set.

  5. They are a "Get you out of trouble" solution and are not intended for prolonged use. You will probably use them to get down to the gritted road, then you take them off ASAP it is safe to do so.

  6. From the instructions: "The wear limit is reached as soon as 50% of the white road-contact fabric is worn out and the underlying black safety material has become visible."

  7. You will find that small holes start to appear as they become worn. This is no big deal and will not affect their performance until it becomes obvious that they are looking ragged and well worn – then they need replacing. If they are ripped, this is due to snagging on e.g. a loose mudguard, a loose screw on a wheel arch liner, some other third party influence. (If you hear them catching on something, stop and sort it out!)

  8. There are bands of Kevlar running across the AutoSock; these provide overall strength, help to prevent the socks from splitting after misuse, and help prevent holes from spreading.

  9. Overall, use your common sense about how long to use them, and of course and where possible you should avoid potholes, raised manholes etc.

  10. Don’t forget to remove your AutoSock at night. You don’t want them freezing to the ground!


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