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Kletter-Fix escape ladder - 5 meter

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October 03, 2022

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The quickest route to safety is the shortest and, if the worst comes to the worst, it is the only one available. If you do not want to risk assistance from outside reaching you too late, use Kletter-Fix to escape via the window or the balcony. Hang it up, roll it out and leave the building are the simple steps to safety. Anywhere, anytime.





Kletter-Fix is a compact folding ladder made of steel cable and aluminium rungs. As it is fireproof, safe, and can be used virtually anywhere.


Kletter-Fix escape ladders are fitted with a solid steel hook as standard. This allows you to attach it to any sturdy balustrade or window ledge. The inside diameter of the plastic-covered steel hook is about 80 mm so the ladder can be attached to wide balustrades.


  • The world’s most compact ladder needs very little space. It fits comfortably in a briefcase, on a car shelf, in a writing desk or on an office shelf.

  • It is also maintenance-free and has a virtually unlimited service life thanks to the materials its made of.

  • It is safety-tested and manufactured and patented in Germany and approved by the German T.V technical inspectorate

  • Load capacity entire ladder: 3 kn (Å 300 kg / max. 4 people)

  • Load capacity each rung: 1,5 kn (Å 150 kg / max. 2 people)

  • Rung width: 330 mm

  • Rung interval: 315 mm

  • Carrying rope interval: 303 mm

  • Distance from wall: 150 mm (-A models / spacing bar)​


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