Wintersport equipment – what protects and what you can do without

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Wintersport often ends with injuries. Protective equipment and clothing for skiers and snowboarders are now widely used but many of them overestimate the impact of their protectors. We tell you what equipment protects more and what you can do without.

1) Concerning knee- and elbow pads there are no studies clearly proving their benefit. The knee pad does not protect for example from the cruciate ligament tear, a typical injury in ski accidents.

2) Snowboarders frequently occur wrist injury, because at falls we automatically protect us with the hands. Therefore, wrist pads are very useful for beginners who fall frequently. Its protective effect is scientifically proven.

3) A back protector can blunt light falls. But it does not protect from serious back injury. It is important in any case, that the back armor should not be too large. Otherwise its hard plates can slip up to the neck and injure sensitive vertebrae. Who does not want to have a back protector, can easily wear a backpack stuffed with a sweater – this can also protect in case of fall.

4) Protecting the coccyx are used the so-called safety or crash pants, a kind of padded underpants. Their protective effect has not been scientifically proven. Nevertheless, experts recommend its using in doing tricks in the snowpark.

5) A helmet is the only protection that is really and highly recommended to all. Its protection against serious head injuries is proven. A pleasant side effect: it is also warm.

6) In addition to these wintersport equipments, we recommend the ski – or sunglasses against the strong sunshine, the branches and snow pellets.

But above all, careful skiing and snowboarding is much more important than any expensive equipment.


Source:, expert Samuli Aegerter from SUVA

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