Monthly Tip – July 2014

Posted by: Judit



Summer is the time for festivals, concerts and other mass outdoor events. When you arrive at an event, you should decide with your family (and especially with the kids) where your meeting point will be when you get lost in the crowd. This could be the main entrance, the largest tree in the area or a giant poster etc., anything that even the smallest child can see from a distance. (We  usually agree on a meeting point in larger shopping centers, too.)During the holiday, in the swimming pool area, at public events or anywhere your child can "run away"or can get lost, the Infoband is a good solution to find them quicker. It is a bracelet for children, on which you can write your cell phone number and other important information with a normal pen. Others can then help a lost child turn back to his family. Children can not remove the Infoband from their wrist because they need two hands to close and open it.infoSOS - bracelet offers the same solution: on the personalized back of the bracelet the name of the child and the desired telephone number can be printed. What we find most important, the child's name is only visible when the bracelet is taken off. On the SOS - bracelet you can can also list other information such as allergies, diseases etc.sos

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