Smoke alarm – a friend against the enemy

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Smoke alarm

Home, family, safety is most. Some people will start to think about, just when they been in trouble: broke, theft, fire, burned ... But fortunately more and more people are those who have the foresight in time to protect their families.

The fire, which we cook, can be allied or an insidious and dangerous enemy. Occur in the kitchen: light up the forgotten oil; be a source of: poorly installed electrical wiring failure; light up the Christmas tree. Even if we do not listen, a smoke detector may indicate in time the resulting fire.

As there is no smoke without fire, fire is rarely without a smoke. The first sign of fire is the rapidly spreading smoke. Our nose can reasonably warns of roasted, burnt smell, which could indicate a threat.

Countless home fire investigation confirms the fact that the residents become aware too late of the danger they face. Do not be you the next!

Could arise a situation where we can not rely only senses – there are physical limitations of perception: a huge building or a sectional workshop, at the same time we can not be there in every room. Night time relaxation turn off the body perfectly, so it seems legitimate to claim an outside help.

Then comes in a great invention, the smoke detector. Above a certain level of smoke concentration warn automatically.
Not only on the existence or absence of movable and immovable property can depend to this smart device, but primarily the family, loved ones physical integrity, and even his life. Thus, the one-time investment, can be recouped many times over! Most EU countries laws require the homeowners fire alarm systems, installation of equipment, equipment, there is such an obligation.


What is a smoke detector device?

The first automatic electric fire alarm was patented in 1890 by Francis Robbins Upton. Upton was an associate of Thomas Edison – according to Wikipedia.

As the names, this device can descover a fire at the earliest possible time , able to detect a fire accompanying phenomenon (smoke, heat, flames, combustion gases), and warn the environment. In each apartment, in the first period of spontaneous fires- piled a greater amount of smoke under the ceiling of the room. The warn in this period provides an opportunity to act quickly, escape, even if fires is smaller as well.

Advantages of photoelectric smoke alarms

  • Good for smouldering fire and dense smoke
  • Not as prone to cooking nuisance alarms as ionisation alarms
  • Contain no radioactive material
  • Suitable for general use

Jalo Helsinki – Designed to save lives.


This properties, and the exceptional design make KUPU and LENTO smoke detector the best choice for home safety. Designed by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, will not only enhance the safety of your home, but you will also add a touch of design. “Safety can be beautiful”.

Where to place the detector in the home?

If we take only one detector, it should be placed in the bedrooms in the border corridor, room focal areas. If more than one smoke detector is also available, we recommended that the smoke detectors to be installed in: bedrooms, living rooms and circulation areas, stores, dining rooms. Thanks to its 3M tape, installation is easy, not need screws or drill and it will take only a few seconds.

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