Ski harnesses – teach skiing and provide safety for kids

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Planning a ski holiday for the whole family is not always fun. Especially if the kids have a big age difference and therefore cannot ski at the same level. The elder one might have already had some lessons in the ski school; he is confident in balancing and turning. But what about the younger ones, the toddlers? Does it mean that the mom has to stay in the hütte again?

Many parents have already heard about ski harnesses. If you check out online mom forums, there are always pros and cons in using the harnesses.  Some of the families who have never tried it may have doubts whether it really helps establish the basic knowledge of skiing.

“You should not be afraid of ski harnesses, just learn how to choose the perfect one and use it properly” – suggests Judit Józsa owner of FamilySafety, the safety product distributor company from Wallisellen.

“The question is always what is the safest thing to do with the small ones while the family goes on a ski vacation. Leave them home and wait until they go to a ski school or just bring them and comfort them with a harness? Of course it depends on your child’s personal abilities, but if they are not afraid and like to follow their parents or already skiing siblings then this tool can be really helpful for both parents and kids. Especially when you’re having difficulty getting your child to turn and they just need a little help figuring that out. A little extra tension on one side or the other and it will rotate the kids to change the direction” – continues the expert.

How to avoid awkward looks on the ski slopes?

It is important to know how to use a harness correctly. If you choose an already tested tool and learn how to slow down, stop or turn your toddler with it then it can help kids to have the correct posture on the ski slopes. You can use them downhill and also up, so it is easier to pick the kids up when falling, or help them to the lift.

“Usually it takes a couple of minutes to learn how to be successful with it. If you have more kids and – as usual – the small ones wants to run after the big ones this is a very relaxing way to keep the family safe together” – recommends Judit Józsa.

Holding your child between your legs as you ski them down the hill is not only hard on your back and thighs, but it doesn’t help the kid learn to ski independently or develop the necessary skiing skills.

When not to use harness?

First teach your kid to balance on the ski and only after that start using the leashes. Otherwise the main goal of teaching him skiing, will fail. Also it is advisable to use it for children aged between 2 and 5 years. Bigger ones have already the strength to stop and turn themselves. Try not to use the leash too tight because your kid will depend on the leash too much and will not learn self-sufficiency. But the most important of all: you can only provide safety if you are standing on your skis with confident legs.

If you keep these simple rules your child will be happy and proud that he is “big enough” to go to ski with you.

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