Senior safety at home

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Read about some important safety recommendations for the elderly. Be prepared in order to prevent accidents! Many changes are easy to make and inexpensive.
  • Use canes or walkers, handrails and shower seats for fall prevention
  • Utilize assist devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, scooters for safe mobility, make sure the carpeting and rugs are not worn or torn
  • Keep the home well lit – especially areas like stairways, and outside walkways
  • Move furniture and electrical cords out of walking pathways
  • Store household items on lower shelves so that they can easily reach them
  • Manage medications by taking advantage of pill boxes
  • Subscribe to medical alert systems and programming emergency phone number into cell phones
  • Recognize when it may be safer to stop driving
  • Set the thermostat of the water heater lower to prevent accidental scalding
  • Keep the smoke alarms working, changing the batteries once a year
  • Keep a lamp or flashlight and telephone within reach of the bed.
  • Install a burglar alarm system

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