How to rescue from a submerged car?

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Any car accident is frightening, but an accident in which your vehicle is thrown into the water, with you trapped inside, is absolutely terrifying. Most deaths are a result of panic, not having a plan and not understanding what is happening to the car in the water. Learn how to survive from being trapped in a sinking vehicle , even if it's a flooded river.
  • As soon as you hit the water, unbuckle your seatbelt.
  • Get a window open, any way you can. Electric windows should work if opened quickly. The front of the car is generally the heaviest and sinks first, and the windshields are stronger that the side, back-passenger windows. Windows are impossible to open or break once the car sinks deep enough in water. Normally, after a car lands in the water there is about one minute during which the windows can be opened.
  • Get the kids out by unbuckling them and then pushing them out the window, before you get out of the car yourself. Once you get out of the vehicle, it becomes very difficult to get back in and rescue somebody. Start with the oldest child, who may be able to assist in aiding younger children.
  • Get out of the car yourself, carrying or assisting small children and infants.

+) Parents are suggested to be familiar with the car seat and practice unbuckling their child from his or her car seat with their eyes closed.


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