Nuclear emergency and bunkers

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In the late '60, when the World was super scared of the possibility of a Russian Nuclear War, Switzerland's politics was promoting the bunkers with the "neutrality does not protect us from radioactivity". So much that there is no other country in the world with such a density of shelters.

The Swiss Civil Protection Authority has been still distributing anti-radiation pills in case of a nuclear emergency to inhabitants who live close to a nuclear power plant.
Do you know what you can do in case of a nuclear radiation threat? What happens if families are split up at work or school?
In the event of a nuclear or chemical emergency, you should shelter in place for min 24 hours or until you are advised otherwise. This means in your bunker or middle of the house, away from windows and doors. If possible seal any openings too. Local communities offer shelters for those not having one in their houses. Schools and workplaces should have their own plans too – they should also shelter in place. You can check in your Gemeinde (type: Bevölkerungsschutz + your Gemeinde Name) to find out where your shelter is located. They are typically located under sport facility buildings.
Make sure you have a radio in your bunker so you can get real-time advice.

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