Mermaiding in swimming pools

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More and more girls ask for a mermaid costume.   With these shimmering tails the children can do acrobatic swimming movements, deep dive in water and swim like a mermaid. A dream comes true? But we have to know, that the monofin are not buoyancy aids and are suitable only for good swimmers. 

These monofin are not allowed in some swimming pools in Switzerland because they also bring risks.


One difficulty may be that the children can not stand up when they are exhausted.


In addition, it can lead to injuries to other swimmers and bath guests when children turn with the fin.


Over and above the Swiss Life-Saving Society SLRG does not recommend to get into rivers with the costume. And in lakes children should always be supervised by an adult.


To be on the safe side, children can familiarize themselves with the costumes, several mermaid swimming-schools provide courses in Switzerland.

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