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CONGRATULATIONS to Lifevac!  Another reported choking victim saved through the use of the LifeVac USA invented by Arthur Lih. This is the 3rd reported success story !! It's nice to know that in the event the Heimlich maneuver fails, there is an alternative option that is proving to be successful.

“ My daughter Heather was choking on a sandwich. Being trained in CPR, I performed the Heimlich maneuver; however, it was not working. I then called 911.  I threw her on the floor and used the LIFEVAC. By the time the police arrived at my home, Heather was no longer CHOKING. It was because I used LIFEVAC! THANK YOU LIFEVAC, YOU SAVED HER LIFE!

* I showed LifeVac to the cops and also the Mayo Clinic in MN. They think it’s brilliant,

Claire Duvall


“Last week we had a guest over for dinner, and she started choking on a piece of meat. My husband started trying the heimlich on her, but while the food was lodged, it didn’t completely close off her airway, so the heimlich wasn’t working. Luckily he remembered we had the LifeVac, so I ran and got it. One pull on the vac and the food came right out. I am so so grateful we had it in our home, ready to use. When I first learned about the LifeVac tool, I knew we needed to have it in our home. Thankfully we had it when we needed it last week. It would have taken an ambulance over 10 minutes to get here. It was very scary. The LifeVac is worth every penny. Please take a moment and look into it. Get one if you can. It works. It saved a life in our home, for which I am very very grateful.”

Angela Ferris Powell


LifeVac, the device designed to save the life of a choking victim, has saved the life of a female nursing home resident in Dyfed, Wales.

The Allt-y-Mynydd Care Home in Dyfed, Wales, purchased a LifeVac after a resident choked to death in January. Two days after receiving their LifeVac a female resident was choking on her lunch.  An attendant used the LifeVac to successfully remove the object and clear the victim’s airway with one pull on the device.”

FARMINGDALE, N.Y., June 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/

Available in Switzerland here!



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