Do you know how to use a fire extinguisher?

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Keeping one or more fire extinguishers in the home is inevitable. You can put out a fire in initial stage within a few seconds, but without it the whole house could burn down in minutes.
  • place the device in a place where you can safety and easily grab it in case a fire breaks out
  • read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the fire extinguisher (each member of the family should know how to use it)
  • in an average apartment an ABC fire extinguisher is the most practical because it puts out fires caused by burning solids, liquids and gases
  • check the extinguisher periodically and charge it when the manometer needle is no longer in the green zone
  • do not place the extinguisher near a heater / stove, and not in a place where it can be frozen
  • you need to know the range of extinguisher: normally you should stand 1 meter far away from the fire using a 1-kg fire extinguisher
  • the extinguisher works only 10 seconds, so you should point directly in the middle of the fire
  • do not operate it continuously, but in short periods, so the fire-fighting will be more effective
  • The Safe-T extinguishers are suitable for putting out starting fires at home. In addition an extinguisher fitting to your home design or your taste you will surely place on a central and visible location in your apartment to be exposed for your pleasure.

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