Halloween Safety Ideas

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Halloween is a fun day for kids and some adults alike. As much fun as the night can be we also need to be mindful of safety for our kids as well. Below are some ideas to think about before the big night.

• Make sure the costume allows your child to see properly. You could always use face paint instead of a mask.
• Check to ensure the costume is not too long so they don’t trip.
• Costumes should also be non-flammable.
• Check for local areas that offer a safe environment for trick or treating.
• Travel in groups.
• Visit neighborhoods you know.
• Walk, don’t run, from house to house.
• Go only to houses that are well-lit.
• There is no need to go inside a house for treats.
• Carry a flashlight, glow stick, reflective tape or stickers and/or a phone.
• Parents can walk with their kids or follow them through the neighborhood
• Plan a route and stick to it. Perhaps even draw a map.
• Don’t cut through lawns or dark areas to get to the next house. Stay in well-lit areas.
• Never eat candy without parental inspection. Make sure it is store bought and has not been tampered with. Besides how else would you protect your children from those Reese’s Peanut Butter cups?
• Don’t accept rides from strangers. Ever! Make sure your kids know exactly who is picking them up.
• Look before you cross streets or walk out from behind parked vehicles. There is increased traffic in terms of children and cars. Parents pay extra attention to the road.
• Be careful passing parked vehicles in case they are letting excited kids out.
• Parents who park could turn on their hazard lights if they are waiting.
• Please walk on driveways or sidewalks as you approach houses. People care for their lawns and gardens and there may be holes in the grass or objects that could make you fall and get hurt.
• Parents should set up lawn decorations away from possible access points and ensure electrical cords are not a tripping hazard.
• Determine if your kids are tricking or treating. Nothing ruins the night like having the phone ring after your kid gets caught throwing eggs or breaking a window. Pranks can be dangerous or damage property.
• If your teen is headed out with their friends, keep tabs on where they are going. We were all young and know peer pressure and temptation has a bad outcome.
• Don’t let your pets eat any candy, especially chocolate.
• Keep your pets inside as well. Some kids, and adults, have no respects for animals.
• You can search your area for safe regions to go to here.halloween

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