Bike helmet-why to wear?

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I decided to write a few words about bike helmets and their usefulness, but sudden, nothing came to mind. Nothing to write? I am still alive! Exist better advertising? I can write this because I wore my helmet! I am an incorrigible cyclist, 48 years old. I have been cycling for over 35 years, and I ride everyday when the weather let me.

On a Sunday, I was cycling downhill on a main road, with my son , who ride behind me. In preparation for making a turn into a side road, I glanced over my shoulder because my son was close and aware of my intentions.

From what I remember: I turned to look, I have gone over a hole, in the road. In an instant, my front wheel turyakkay2ned 90 grades, and I sailed away over the handle-bars. The next thing that I remember the taste of the blood running down my left cheek, where my spectacle lens had pierced my skin, just millimeters under my eye. I was bruised, bleeding – and very confused. It seems I’d lain motionless on the floor, probably unconscious, for a couple of minutes. My son screamed – seeing her father doing a graceless somersault and land heavily on his head. As I didn’t move immediately, he thought I was dead.

A lady who had been walking by stopped to help, and got me off the floor, then sat on the kerb with me, proffering tissues to wipe the dirt and blood off. Someone took the helmet off and I noted in passing the many scratches on it – at that point, the fact that the left side was squashed flat for half it’s length hadn’t registered. Now my head felt like it had been sledge-hammered, and my face cheese-grated. Was a shocking moment, when I saw the helmet and the violence inflicted upon it. The front left half was flattened, and the friction had left it’s mark too.

Without the helmet, I would have probably been dead or eating baby food for the remainder of my life! That helmet was the best purchase ever…

About bike helmet: law and facts

Bicyclists are legally entitled to “share the road” with vehicle drivers, and they’re expected to comply with traffic laws, but they’re still in a very unique – and potentially vulnerable position on the nation’s roads, streets, and highways.yakkay3

Wearing a bicycle helmet is always a good idea no matter what the law has to say. Helmets use varies greatly between populations and between groups. Downhill mountain bikers and amateur sportive cyclists About bike helmet: law and factsnormally wear helmets, and helmet use is enforced in professional cycle sport and in a few legal jurisdictions. Utility bikers and children are much less likely to wear helmets unless compelled.

There are several analyses and reviews which evaluate the results of multiple case-control studies. A studies of bicycle helmets found that “helmets provide a 63 to 88% reduction in the risk of head, brain and severe brain injury for all ages of bicyclists. Helmets provide equal levels of protection for crashes involving motor vehicles (69%) and crashes from all other causes (68%). Injuries to the upper and mid facial areas are reduced 65%.

The following countries have mandatory helmet law, for either minors only or for all riders: Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United States. Spain requires helmets on interurban routes.

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Written by Peter Szabo, Dominican Republic

Source: Wikipedia

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