About us

FamilySafety GmbH has started off as a family business. The actual formation of the company has been preceded by many years of thinking and brainstorming about how we could help our children, aging parents, our loved-ones and those around us, to live their lives in the greatest possible safety.

We strongly believe that it is always more sensible to prepare for everyday common dangers, than to suffer from its possible consequences.

Our www.familysafety.ch website has been put together in order to allow easy access to information about common dangers, and also to prevent them happening by making use of our services and ordering products from our website. We’re constantly on the lookout for affordable and innovative solutions and for information and products that could support our personal safety.

You need to be safe anytime, anywhere. Be it at home, on the route, during the holidays or when doing some sporting activity. Should you have any query concerning personal safety, we hope you will find the answer at www.familysafety.ch . We do our very best to provide help and assistance to our customers, so that they are able to make well-established and long-term decisions concerning their own and their family’s safety.

Our offer

With the establishment of FamilySafety, we share our knowledge and experiences about the latest available solutions, and we give it an extra boost with our devoted enthusiasm and commitment. We don’t aim to persuade you to buy superfluous and useless products and we certainly don’t intend to cause panic. Our main objective is to save and protect lives and in line with that, we would like to provide you with a great choice of the latest and unique products of high quality. We make every effort to showcase you items that are functional, user-friendly, and which blend into our environment both ergonomically and esthetically.

If you have questions or suggestions about our website or our products.

It might happen that you have not found what you came looking for on our website. Drop us an e-mail with your query or suggestion and we promise to come back to you with our best possible answer.

Please get in touch with us . Looking forward to hearing from you!

Happy browsing! Please have a look around for some new safety ideas!

Enjoy our website and we hope you will find some new safety ideas!

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    Máté Varga, Co-Founder