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On raising the alarm, Rega's free mobile app for iPhones and Android phones also transmits the caller's current position. Thus valuable time can be saved in the event of an emergency in Switzerland or abroad.

The Rega app can be used in the event of an emergency both within Switzerland and beyond the national borders. Two finger clicks is all it takes to initiate the alarm. At the same time, the coordinates, together with the user’s personal data already stored in the application, are automatically transmitted to Rega’s Operations Centre and a telephone connection is set up. After speaking to the person who has raised the alarm, Rega launches the rescue.

A test alarm to practise for a real-life emergency

In order for the app’s Location Services function to work, the GPS signal needs to be enabled on the smartphone settings. Moreover, it is of particular importance that adequate mobile phone reception is available. In addition, the Rega app features a test alarm system, which allows users to practise for a real-life emergency.

The app also has its uses in everyday life – the additional map function displays the user’s current position or calculates the coordinates of a defined location and shows this data in various formats.

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