3+1 tips to survive Christmas – literally

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You have already bought all the presents, the tree is waiting to be decorated on the balcony, you even have the menu in your head, and you are about to sit back and relax because everything is set for a beautiful Christmas? Don’t do! Rather follow the below guidelines to avoid any bad surprises…  

Christmas tree

According to the Swiss accident prevention board (Beratungsstelle für Unfallverhütung) there are more than 1000 fire incidents at Christmas time every year. Most of them are related to the tree, because when left unattended it can catch fire, or it falls, and its candles start a fire in the apartment. Also, it can catch on fire due to electric short circuit. To minimize the risk it is worthwhile to pay attention already at the time of purchase. For example, choose a fresh tree, because the dry leaves catch on fire more quickly. Christmas tree and advent wreath can be impregnated with our FS AntiFlame Spray and are thus permanently protected against flaming. The AntiFlame Spray also serves as a mini-fire extinguisher.

If the stand of the Christmas tree is not stable or it has a tiny chance of falling, it is necessary to fasten it to something.

“It is worthwhile to have a small Fire Extinguisher at home, because if we recognize the danger in time, we can immediately stop it from spreading” – says Judit Józsa, owner of FamilySafety. “We had a customer, whose life was saved by the escape ladder. He fell asleep after dinner and did not have any chance to call the firefighters. Somehow he had to flee from the second-floor apartment. A fire blanket can also help a lot in extinguishing starting fires in the kitchen. You do not have to hide our fire blankets in the cupboard, because their cover is very decorative and stylish.” – continues the safety expert.


If there are kids or pets around, you need to be more careful. Fragile and easy to swallow ornaments have to be kept at a height unreachable for both the kids and four-footed pets. Of course, there is still some hidden danger, such as pieces of accidentally fallen and broken Christmas balls, which can easily hurt someone’s barefoot. If we have a first aid kit, we can give quick medical treatment.

The menu

At Christmas Eve everybody tries to impress family and friends with the most amazing dishes, but it is also important to know the allergies of your guests. Because of severe symptoms can cause serious problems, and the unlucky guest will find himself easily in the emergency room. If the food is not duly prepared or if an expired ingredient is used it can also cause a serious problem. It is useful to know that in case of any food poisoning, you can call 145 in Switzerland for immediate support.

+1 Skiing

Going to ski with a small kid is already a challenge. What can you do if your child enjoys it so much? Ski experts have developed an Easy Turn Safety Harness that helps you keep your child on track, pick her up when she falls and guide her during the ski queuing process.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. You almost made it through!


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