• Swim vest for children, N40, N50

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First Aid Course – HealthFirst

General and special first aid courses. The courses are held in English in Switzerland and in France. Visit www.healthfirst.ch to get information about the course details or a personalized offer.

First Aid Courses- Healthy and Safe Away from Home

General and specialised first aid courses, health workshops and presentations. The courses are held in English or German in Switzerland, in France and in Germany. All courses can be individualized. Visit www.healthyandsafe.biz website for more information about course details or a personalized quote.

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What is a Familysafety

FamilySafety, our family-owned company grew out of our personal interest and commitment to safety. The actual formation of the company has been preceeded by many years of thinking and brainstorming about how we could help our children, aging parents, our loved-ones and those around us, to live their lives in the greatest possible safety.

We strongly believe that it is always more sensible to prepare for everyday common dangers, than to suffer from its possible consequences. We are working to draw attention to the personal safety and to spread the idea that you have to prepare consciously everyday hazards. Our goal is not to create panic, but to strengthen the feeling of personal responsibility to a healthy level.

On our information page there are tips, ideas and news about the everyday safety in several languages. The products of our webshop testify that you do not have to compromise on the safety and aesthetic issues, as we offer trendy and stylish products of high quality.